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Why Property Data is Essential for Home Services

The home services industry includes a wide range of businesses aimed at transforming the home from exterior enhancements such as landscaping and paving to internal renovations such as flooring and cabinetry to everything else in between from solar energy to pest control to home security.

Discover why property data is essential for any home services company to help drive marketing efforts, generate leads, and ultimately compete in today's highly competitive marketplace.


Implementing accurate and up-to-date property data into your business development strategy can be a game-changer for any home services company looking to gain the upper hand in a crowded marketplace and stand out from the rest of the competition. 

From parcel and boundary information to building data and market value to complete ownership history, property data is essential for any home service looking for information capital and data insights to give them the competitive edge to capitalize on market opportunities.

Property data for home services


With comprehensive data on over 150 million properties nationwide, customers rely on Estated for the most accurate and up-to-date information on almost every home in the United States.

Each property record contains hundreds of different data points. We’ve created a schema divided into six different categories:

Parcel and boundaries

The basics of a property. Parcel data includes nearly everything you need to know about the land that makes up the property. Explore parcel and boundaries.

Building data

Structural data to power insights into what makes up the primary building on a property. Includes everything from square footage of certain spaces to roof types. Learn more.


Market value

Estated uses an industry leading AVM to bring accurate property values to your application. Learn more.

Taxes and assessments

Taxes, assessment, and market assessments to give you a comprehensive look at the value of a property. Learn more.

Ownership information

The current owner of a property. Enhance your application by understanding ownership information. Learn more.

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So how can home services companies actually use property data?


  • Build target personas and a sustainable customer pipeline through intelligent prospecting—With pinpoint accuracy, start to target consumers based on specific property attributes and information including geography, home value, mortgage data, and structural building data (square footage, year built, number of bathrooms, etc.). Be sure to take advantage of monthly property data updates to keep your CRM list as up-to-date as possible to improve your marketing, retention, and sales programs.

  • Identify unique market opportunities and upcoming trends—Keeping a keen eye on the market and identifying potential trends is key for any home services company looking to find new job opportunities and expand into new territories. Property data can help you identify areas in need of service, upcoming projects, and opportunities for future work which can improve sales forecasting and financial management. For example, you could search and find communities with an influx of older homes that may require roofing services soon or gather information about existing energy consumption and utility usage to target markets in need of alternative energy solutions such as solar panels.
  • Customize and tailor your services using hyperlocal intelligence—Understanding your target market based on their needs is an absolute must. Area demographics play a very important role in what home services are dominating the market in your geographic area. For example, if your service area is flush with millennial renters or first-time homebuyers, you could offer more budget-conscious service options tailored to your target buyer to help close more customers and ensure client satisfaction. Providing highly-personal service with hyperlocal information will ensure your clients count on you as their go to educational resource for any future service needs.

  • Automate marketing efforts and streamline quotesUsing property data, you can automate a majority of your marketing efforts to ensure you're staying in front of your target market and optimize lead-to-customer time faster by utilizing to interior and exterior property data to streamline quotes.

Start using Estated property data today


Property data is essential for any home service company looking to expand their service offering, find new areas of opportunity, and provide the best customer service possible.

At Estated, we offer the most accurate and comprehensive data on over 150 million residential and commercial properties nationwide across the United States.

If you're a home services company looking to enhance your customer experience with rich and accurate property data, Estated may be the perfect solution for you.

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