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Why Property Data is a Must Have for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Industry leading real estate agents and brokerages are always searching for the latest technology solutions to automate processes and enhance their client's experience.

Discover why property data is the missing link for any real estate agent or broker looking to stand out from the rest of their competition.


Property Data for Real Estate

Estated makes accessing data on residential properties easy and affordable.

With comprehensive data on over 150 million properties nationwide, customers rely on Estated for the most accurate and up-to-date information on almost every home in the United States.

Each property record contains hundreds of different data points. We’ve created a schema divided into six different categories:

Parcel and boundaries

The basics of a property. Parcel data includes nearly everything you need to know about the land that makes up the property. Explore parcel and boundaries.

Building data

Structural data to power insights into what makes up the primary building on a property. Includes everything from square footage of certain spaces to roof types. Learn more.

Historical deeds

20+ years of historical sale and mortgage data which make up a deed or transfer of land ownership. Learn more.

Market value

Estated uses an industry leading AVM to bring accurate property values to your application. Learn more.

Taxes and assessments

Taxes, assessment, and market assessments to give you a comprehensive look at the value of a property. Learn more.

Ownership information

The current owner of a property. Enhance your application by understanding ownership information. Learn more.

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So how can real estate professionals actually use property data?

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Using our blazing fast API, real estate agents and brokerages can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of accessing rich property data within seconds.

  • Simplify and elevate property search: Go above and beyond the traditional MLS listings and enhance your customer experience by integrating personalized search results with the latest property data including valuation, deeds, and sales based on your client's unique needs. 
  • Fast and accurate evaluations: Real estate agents are using rich property data when evaluating prices of properties. You can utilize one of the most accurate AVM technologies available to more reliably assess property risk and make better property purchase or investment decisions.
  • Market trends: Using micro and macro level property data, real estate agents can paint a broader picture regarding current consumer trends to ensure clients know when to act fast on properties in upcoming or trending areas. Provide your clients with the data and toolset to help them research where and when to buy property.

The real estate industry as a whole will continue to evolve as proptech and real estate technology optimize the way people buy, sell, search, market, and manage properties.

Property data is just the tip of the proptech iceberg and is quickly becoming an essential tool for real estate agents and brokers looking for the upper hand in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. Don't get left behind!

Start using Estated property data today

At Estated, we offer the most accurate and comprehensive data on over 150 million residential and commercial properties nationwide across the United States.

If you're a real estate agent or brokerage looking to enhance your customer experience with rich and accurate property data, Estated may be the perfect solution for you.

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