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Why did Cushman & Wakefield invest $500 million in Greystone?

Cushman & Wakefield extends banking and credit solutions to its multifamily operations, boosting its options in a booming rental sector. 


As per the sources, the corporation decided to pay 500 million dollars for a 40 percent ownership in Greystone's organization, FHA, and servicing companies. 

Both the businesses have established a collaborative partnership to provide consulting and financing services to their current and new clients across the country. 

Sources also claimed that Greystone, a powerhouse in the rental credit market with 16.6 billion dollars in loans issued in the previous year, will persist in ruling the firm. Greystone plans to use the funds to develop new product lines. On the other hand, Cushman can create and handle loans to buyers and proprietors.  They will access a wider choice of loan products through the partnership for capital investment, refinancing, restoration, and home development.

C&W's CEO Andrew McDonald stated that his team is pleased to provide new unified potential to their investor clients with much more immediate access to Greystone's financial statement plus capital options.


Greystone's founder, Stephen Rosenberg, mentioned that while their initial focus is on the multifamily market, they anticipate bright prospects ahead in providing finance and offerings in other corporate asset classes.  

Greystone makes over $16.6 billion in funding each year and manages a $70.2 billion commercial lending network.


The corporation maintains about 10,000 multifamily apartments and 2,000 specialist medical beds through the subsidiaries. Greystone is mainly focusing on South Florida these days. It sold the 94-unit villas to property mogul Benjamin Mallah worth 9.9 million dollars this year. The price per unit came to over 105,000 dollars. Circle Capital also took a loan from Grey, valuing 23.5 million dollars.  Circle did so to buy an apartment building of 34.7 billion dollars in Davie. 

Established in Chicago, Cushman & Wakefield is a global property consulting corporation with 50,000 employees and sales of $7.8 billion the year before.


It had been actively engaged in the rental market, serving sellers in over 11 billion dollars worth of transactions in 2020. Cushman also bought Pinnacle Management Solutions the year before, bringing the firm's multifamily operations to a complete set. The company operates in 60 different nations.

In current history, the renting industry is on the upswing. Furthermore, rents increased in 30 of the leading U.S. cities two months before, marking the first time since the Covid that all towns saw hikes. That month, the national average rent was 1,539 dollars, up 10.3% from the last year. Bids have increased in NYC amid high housing costs and property sale prices, a common occurrence in the real estate market. The transaction turned out to be a win-win situation.

Subject to usual closing requirements, the partnership is expected to be completed in Q4, 2021.