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What Made Lonewolf acquire Propertybase?

The prominent software developer of property back office and accounts, Lone Wolf, has taken possession of Propertybase on 25th August.


It's the company's fifth acquisition that Lone announced to complete its technological platform. With Propertybase, they get a system that connects sales service and marketing activities to enhance their portfolio of offerings. 

Through this purchase, Lone Wolf aims to offer the only holistic framework for real estate agents and brokers in the housing industry. 


Lone's President, Jimmy Kelly, mentioned that Propertybase is well-known for its exceptional CRM and property portals.

He said that Lone's customers need Propertybase and Lone technologies together to manage their entire work from a single site. Lone and Propertybase union can provide the optimum integrated software system for the real estate market, combining two high-quality products.

Propertybase is the world's top supplier of listing sites, customer relationship management, and prospects creation software. Currently, it is dealing with 45000 companies, 2.5 lakh plus users, and in more than 80 nations. Unify, Propertybase Salesforce Edition, Propertybase GO, and BoldLeads are among the best-known solutions of Propertybase. 

Unify is the CRM operating system for mortgage brokers. Propertybase Salesforce Edition is a top-rate property CRM solution developed on Salesforce that clients can use globally. Propertybase GO is a customer relationship management and webpage solution for stockbrokers and groups. And lastly, BoldLeads is a sales lead creation mechanism and facility for brokers and groups. These products can enhance Lone Wolf's brand portfolio by delivering excellent technological support for realtors from prospect to listing to closing.

Propertybase CEO Mr. Vance Loiselle commented that teaming up with Lone is a big achievement for Propertybase and its consumers.


He further says that by merging the strength of Propertybase's revolutionary site, customer relationship management, and marketing operations with Lone's unmatched capabilities, real estate agents will be able to compete in a fast expanding business.

In the last 9 months, Lone has bought 5 outstanding tech firms. Including Propertybase, the other companies are HomeSpotter, W+R Studios, Terradatum, and LionDesk. Lone Wolf's extended edge platform now involves solutions for advertising, Customer relationship management, Comparative Market Analysis, billing control, eSignature, trading activities, data and stats, talent administration, auxiliary products, solutions, etc. 

The firm's current focus is on creating a seamless transfer of data and identification across different technologies. In addition, it also emphasizes connecting several essential property procedures for brokers and agents. Lone Wolf is increasing its investments in AI and ML too to achieve unrivaled time savings, visibility, and information across all of these operations. The final outcome will be a cohesive platform that enables real estate intermediaries in the digital age while also providing customers with a contemporary real estate encounter that only an expert can give.

Lone Wolf's Chris Egan stated that their mission is to upgrade the property industry's time-honored principles with a sophisticated, creative, and linked tech platform. It is because they want to make things easier for clients and pros in their purchasing and selling processes. He reveals that Lone Wolf is the only organization in North America with vast access, size, and engineering. Lone Wolf serves more than 1.5 million agencies, 15,000 brokerage firms, 1,000 Multiple listing services, and affiliations, touting about 650 personnel. Its solutions are involved in beyond 750 percent of property transactions in the United States and Canada. 

The property technology industry has witnessed many mergers in current history as organizations realize the value of having a single system that can handle all back-end and branding operations. Boston Logic purchased Propertybase four years ago. Propertybase bought BoldLeads in 2019 until being bought by Lone Wolf this year.