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Hello Friends,
2021 kicked off with a bang and lined up to be another exciting and volatile year like 2020. 

At Estated, we focus on building simple data solutions to provide you with all your property data needs. Today, this is going to be a little bit different. Here are a handful of trending stories that are relevant to all of you.

Compass has filed for an IPO after raising $1.5B in venture capital, achieving a valuation of $6.4B. It posted $91.2B in sales in 2019, which doubled from 2018. We will know the 2020 revenue figures soon and assume they will be staggering with the current market conditions.

Affirm had an IPO yesterday, and it skyrocketed 90% on the first day of trading. It is priced at $49 and is currently trading at $122. The firm saw revenues of $509M in 2020 with a loss of $112M. The market cap is at $14.89B. These valuations feel very Y2K (this makes me feel old…)

SoFi’s went public with our favorite investor Chamath Palihapitiya via a SPAC. It is under ticker IPOE and trading at $19.02 with a market cap of $1.91B. In 2018 it did $520M in revenues, and this valuation is reasonable. We are big fans. If you know anyone in the data/product department, please reach out.

Rob Hahn posted a staggering chart this year.
35% of all US dollars ever created were in 2020.

80% of all money ever created in the United States happened in the last ten years. With the market prices where they are, all-time highs, we know where that money went.

Visa has called off the takeover of Plaid due to antitrust concerns raised by the DOJ. The merger was planned to be valued at around $5.5B, and Visa is one of their larger investors. Visa would have owned the entire payments monopoly board with this one.

Lastly, in 2020 the government placed a ban on foreclosures and evictions because of the pandemic. This allowed millions of Americans to defer their payments without being evicted. Stars are coming out that over $1 trillion in mortgage payments are in forbearance, and when this vaccine kicks in, and people go back to work, rent will be due. This will cause a significant spike in foreclosures and evictions. This will be an important and evolving story in 2021.

As always, stay safe and make good choices!
We love you.