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The Best Six Real Estate APIs of 2021


No wonder real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries to date. And technology entrepreneurs have altered the way of buying and selling properties of the customers. They have initiated APIs for their convenience and satisfaction.

But what's an API? API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. An API shares property listing info from the Multiple listing service to an agent portal or realty app. Real estate APIs are productive and quick, collecting data as required and saving money on hosting.

Now, let's talk about the top six APIs in 2021:


Estated API is for real estate professionals who need rapid and easy access to property data. With more than 140 million real estate listings, Estated has a massive database. There are about 150 data points in every estate. It uses a conventional JSON format to return such results. 

Estated can also transfer those datasets into your application or website automatically. It is beneficial to real estate firms and brokers, as well as app designers and insurance agents. This robust API can assist any company that depends on understanding a property's background.

Estated is not inexpensive, but anyone who has ever tried to seek up property data using a search engine understands that having 150 data points under one roof at one moment is worthwhile. 

icon-bridge Bridge
($50/month) API allows your code to interface with MLS listings from all around the world. Zillow recently bought This API acts as a link between MLS databases and the customer's application or website. 

The RESTful format is the supported response format of the API. Because of its standardized structure, makes it simple to permit data for both data suppliers and software architects.


(starts at $49/month)

The SimplyRETS API offers MLS listings and market info to designers and brokers. Customers can create property apps and sites through the SimplyRETS network, which provides live residential property data. SimplyRETS is one of the few APIs that accepts multiple programming languages. It supports languages such as:

  • Curl
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js

This RESTful property market API makes real estate dataset manipulations easier and the program development procedure faster. It also enables several queries to make working with any search, whether fundamental or complicated, easier.

attom data

(starts at $10/month)

The ATTOM API combines countrywide real estate title, taxation, loan, and bankruptcy data with local data of schools, crimes, and the surrounding neighborhood. 

The API has information on over 155 million homes in the United States, as well as 99 percent of people. It supports HTTP request formats and JSON, XML for the response formats. 



Zillow offers a free property API that's still relevant. About 70% of all internet housing searches go to Zillow. They exchange some of the information with property software companies and brokers for various purposes. In addition, Zillow has created a number of commercial property APIs in-house:

  • GetDeepSearch-Results API: Tech developers execute a property search via the address that includes dimensions, year of development, and specifics on the most recent transaction, etc. 
  • GetDeepComps API: Here, designers can obtain a list of current deals for a specific property. 
  • GetUpdatedPropertyDetails API: This returns all the edits made by the realtor or the property owner. 
walk score

Walk Score
(free - $100/Month)

The Walk Score of a location determines how walkable it is, allowing you to examine walking paths from home to nearby facilities. This API can determine how different walkable routes are or indicate if a trip requires a car. It also specifies how accessible an address is to cyclists and public transportation commuters.

Walk Score employs a RESTful interface and provides JSON or XML format scores for every coordinate in the United States.