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SwiftConnect $9M round led by JLL Spark and Navitas Capital

SwiftConnect, a technology platform that facilitates flexible hours by uniting the right person to the right place, recently revealed its  $9 million investment. Navitas and JLL sponsored the funding with other participants.


SwiftConnect addresses a rising problem of commercial property proprietors.

It caters to the issue of the scattered staff and the growth of flexible schedules. According to the JLL study, at least 30 percent of the office sector will be a flexible area within the next decade. SwiftConnect's technology is the first-ever product that integrates with existing structure and suite-level access controls, which generally span numerous separate and unrelated suppliers, to provide the framework needed to power adaptable and hybrid work.

The portal can easily integrate the businesses into the novel hybrid workplace environment.


It unifies distinct components into a single cloud platform. The platform helps employees anywhere and everywhere on the planet to access any destination with a mono credential.

And it also lets property owners and businesses centralize credential additions and deletions, plus access permissions. SwiftConnect software works with existing security hardware and software, so proprietors and inhabitants don't have to "tear and change" their current systems. Buildings may be online and connected within only a few hours, thanks to SwiftConnect's easy installation.

According to Matt Kopel, the pandemic had increased the need to reconsider work, but businesses still lacked a method to do so.


He explained that while many firms are building flexible space and modifying existing facilities to be Covid-friendly, they still don't have good tools to control access to these new places. They couldn't control the workspaces as a channel, rather a bunch of isolated properties.

SwiftConnect, according to Kopel, was established as a "new framework" for controlling and automating who and when may approach a specific space.

JLL's David Gerster commented that as firms hunt for the proper technology collaborators for the mixed workspace, SwiftConnect has an excellent chance to accelerate the adoption of its integrated cloud service for smooth office access management.


He further added that SwiftConnect is uniquely suited to give property companies and occupiers a versatile, welcoming customer experience for entering properties. It overcomes several of the sticking points the offices have today by merging with current systems.

SwiftConnect's personnel, software, and connections with business owners and occupiers will benefit from the financing.

Louis Schotsky, Navitas's associate, noted that his firm is happy to endorse SwiftConnect's concept of a cloud-based access control solution for the property sector. The staff and product design form a diverse software-only strategy and a thorough insight into the problem that today's modern commercial property owners, managers, and customers face. He continued that with SwiftConnect's flexibility, forward-thinking owners and employees will record a greater part of the changing needs of tenants. He and his company feel fortunate to support this unique blend of vision, expertise, and opportunity.

Previously, SwiftConnect had acquired $6,800,000 and $3,000,00 in the seed rounds.