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SpaceX’s New Round of Valuation Hits $60B

Elon Musk’s dream rocket company SpaceX has garnered praise and international attention by making history with a series of groundbreaking achievements.

SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies is an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company that has developed a reusable launch system and rocket to reduce the space flight cost appreciably. SpaceX has already queued up plenty of investors for its next big round of private funding.

Next Massive Round of Funding

SpaceX may be valued at a minimum of US$60 billion (RM242.7 billion) as it finalizes a funding round scheduled to close in February. The deal would escalate the company's value to at least $60 billion. The specifics related to the agreement are still being worked out and that the valuation of SpaceX could probably hit as much as $92 billion, twice of US$46 billion valuations that it gained in August's funding round.

Each share is expected to be priced between US$325 and US$350 in the latest round, though these details have not yet been finalized. The exact number of shares that SpaceX will issue is still unknown, which will be the deciding factor of the total amount the company will raise and its valuation worth.

While much of the deal was sorted out in January, the delay is because SpaceX is arranging the primary funding round with a tender offer that enables some of its vested stakes to be sold by stockholders such as employees.

SpaceX has a record of merging funding rounds with such tender deals and is one of the few big-wig startups to establish an in-house liquidity solution. Employees can slowly and steadily purchase their vested stock options in SpaceX.

Amongst the most valuable and profitable venture-backed US firms, SpaceX last secured $1.9 billion via fresh funding in August, which valued the company at $46 billion. The round was also oversubscribed, and SpaceX gradually expanded the size of the round due to high demand.

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