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Simplify data entry for you and your customers

Business Issue:
Redundant data entry is wasting time for your admin staff and customers. Manually locating and entering property data for each quote, report, application, customer account, etc. is not a sustainable process.

Build automated data entry into your workflows. Estated Data offers an automated property data solution to supplement your data and populate your documents. You can use Estated Data as your sole automated data source, or you can combine it with multiple APIs which offer various categories of data.


  • Save time on repetitive processes by configuring an automated workflow for field population
  • Avoid data errors and discrepancies caused by human error
  • Ideal for both client-facing and internal documents

The problem with manual data entry

Data entry is tedious but important in any business workflow. It is a time-consuming process which must be done correctly and quickly. Data entry is prone to either error or low pace of completion; a tough trade-off considering the equal importance of accuracy and efficiency.

Companies are taking action against data entry accuracy issues through data validation, text prompts, input masks, and other tools to limit errors. Efficiency is not addressed as easily without referring to automation.

Automating your workflows

It’s possible to build a chain of data entry processes from one or several APIs. This can speed up your form entry process and even remove human error from the process. Companies who identify the need for automating their data entry process will save several hours per week on repetitive processes.

Maintaining status quo for your data entry systems will cease to eliminate the human factor when executing repetitive work, which constitutes low entry speeds and a higher margin of error.

Simplicity, efficiency, accuracy

Quotes, reports, CRM

  • Eliminate wasted time on simple workflows
  • Minimize manual data entry
  • Improve data accuracy

How to automate data entry with Estated Data

You have the ability to automate your data entry for all sorts of workflows using Estated Data. You simply need to integrate our API into your application with an address submitted as the query, and our API will return the rest. We offer a vast array of data related to the property depending on what you need. Estated’s property data also guarantees the highest level of accuracy from trusted data sources.

Extensive list of data points available for automated data entry

All of these are datasets with an array of related data points associated. For a full look at our available data, click here.

  • Address details
  • Site details
  • Structure details
  • Owner information
  • Tax information
  • Sales information
  • Mortgage information
  • Valuation details
  • Property status details
  • Postal details
  • Comparable home details

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