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Rocket becoming an iBuyer?

The prop-tech service provider, Rocket Homes, confirmed its transformation of every property buying and selling factor into a single, easy-to-use platform.

It is beginning to transform how Americans buy and sell residences by effectively merging the tools, experts, and developments required to succeed in today's hit real estate sector. Instead of the usual one-size-fits-all strategy that has become the norm for over two years, Rocket Homes would be the first property investment firm offering a wide range of options to individuals in the market. The platform will allow clients to design their own completely personalized experience.

The corporation is combining a complete package of solutions. It contains credit reporting, property quest, method, on-staff realtors, a vast network of trustworthy estate specialists, iBuying offerings to deliver a backup proposal to vendors. In addition, it also has an undeviating access to Rocket Mortgage,  US largest loan provider, & Amrock, a top closure and settlement activities supplier. 

Due to Rocket Homes Vendor Services, residents wishing to sell their property will be able to choose the best experience for their requirements and objectives.

Sellers can use the application to:

  • Use the famous platform, which gives sellers all the resources to handle the sale themselves. In today's challenging property market, this alternative is becoming extremely prevalent among homeowners.
  • Engage with Rocket Homes' on-staff realtors to determine the optimum sale price, arrange for professional photography, market the property on the regional MLS system, negotiate offers, and manage all documentation. Rocket Homes representatives will aid with the most complicated aspects of the property transaction throughout downtown Detroit, much as Rocket Mortgage successfully services customers in all fifty states from designated areas. Homeowners who choose this choice, which will be available to the general public in q4 2021, pay a much cheaper charge of just 1.5 percent for the selling agent, compared to the typical cost of 3 percent, saving $4,500 on a $300,000 house transaction.
  • If a buyer wishes to engage with a local specialist, they can use the Rocket Homes Certified Partner Agent Network. It's made up of recognized and trustworthy individuals. They are a team of the finest realtors from across the country who routinely obtain high marks from their clients. Some vendors prefer a high-touch, in-person encounter, which the Partner Agent Network can deliver. It has thousands of experts from all over the nation & serves over 3,000 counties.

Customers can also search for properties on, the firm's smartphone app, or, which has postings from all 50 states.


Aside from discovering homes, the firm's website provides Americans with easy-to-understand market data, allowing them to make well-informed judgments. Rocket Homes Property Market Studies offer in-depth analysis and trend data on communities, including whether the industry is a buyer's or seller's, the mean number of days a property is on the marketplace, the average house value, and so on.

Homeowners can use Rocket Homes' exclusive credit analysis tools to verify they are fiscally equipped to buy their dream house before even commencing the search strategy. Customers may examine their credit history and see how certain things will affect their credit rating using these services. They can also use the Home Affordability Calculator to figure out which house they can buy based on their credit rating, total revenues, debt, and costs. The program then displays housing values in their selected area within their budget, providing that they are completely prepared before embarking on the home purchase journey.


The CEO, Doug Seabolt, says that they are creating a fully tailored, clear, stress-free experience. 

During the rest of 2021 and early 2022, Rocket Homes will unveil further upcoming advancements.