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Request property data by location with Estated’s new bulk data solution

If you’ve ever tried to find affordable and conveniently delivered property information for business use, you most likely know first hand how difficult it can be.

Given the broad application of property data in businesses across a variety of industries, each business use is unique. Our first product, the Estate API, delivers to users who have an address to query, looking for additional information (over 150 data fields) about a specific property. For many professionals looking for a list of properties whose addresses they don’t already have, however, the API isn’t as functional.

That’s why we spent Q2 building valuable upgrades to our bulk property data solution, which differs from an API in that it allows users to request properties and their data (e.g. AVM, ownership, sale history, structural characteristics) by location (e.g. zip code, city, county or state). We can now fulfill more of these types of requests faster, working the Estated magic to deliver critical data fast, affordably and with less red tape to those who need it.

With our latest bulk solution, we’re proud to offer:

AVM. Property valuation is a critical real estate insight that can be analyzed in conjunction with other property characteristics.

Data. More data. We now have over 105 available million single and multi-family residences across the U.S. to pull from. Odds are, your properties are in there.

Convenient & fast file delivery. We’ve streamlined the data request and delivery process to be as slim — and painless — as possible.

Transparent coverage. Upon request, we’ll send you our percent coverage nationwide for our most sought-after data fields — other providers won’t.

The simplicity of the new system matches Estated’s focus on improving user experiences and making property data more accessible to SMBs. Learn more about our bulk property data solution and how it could be of use to you. 


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