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Real Time with Estated - Interview with Obie

We're thrilled to launch our brand new series—Real Time with Estated—showcasing our most exciting clients in proptech, fintech, insurtech, and real estate technology!

In our latest monthly series, Estated CEO Joshua Fraser sits down with our most promising clients to discuss their:
  • Up-and-coming SaaS products and technology;
  • Future growth and investment plans;
  • Trends or predictions in their respective sectors and industries;
  • Use of our property data to power their platforms and enhance their customer's experience.
To kick off our inaugural episode, today we're pleased to welcome Ryan Letzeiser, CEO & Co-Founder of Obie, and Matthew Sutika, Chief Insurance Officer at Obie, to discuss how the insurtech startup uses our property data to expedite risk evaluation and generate insurance quotes instantly for their real estate investors.
Obie is an insurtech startup that offers insurance and risk management for real estate investors. Obie aims to provide a simple, affordable, and transparent experience for clients and their investment properties.
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