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Mosaic raises $44 million to streamline planning for construction projects

Mosaic, an Arizona-based construction tech startup, raised $44 million dollars in its Series B funding round led by Peak State Ventures—bringing its total funding to $68.75 million since 2015.


Mosaic’s technology helps automate the construction planning process and makes residential construction more scalable. Its software digitizes standard construction plans and identifies the best way for homes to be built onsite. 

“Home builders and residential developers are able to offload their construction operations to Mosaic and focus their time and energy on their business operations,”

says Salman Ahmad, co-founder and CEO of Mosaic.

Ultimately, Mosaic was designed to:

  • Shorten overall home build time;
  • Reduce material waste and cost;
  • Improve construction quality for homebuilders.


“It’s becoming increasingly obvious to us that maximizing the efficiency of the precious trade resources that we have is paramount to not just our success as a business, but the success of the industry and to addressing some of the broader housing crises that exist across the country.”

While there are a number of proptech businesses using software to increase productivity in home construction, Mosaic has taken a novel approach by collaborating directly with Mandalay Homes, a local home builder based out of Phoenix. Under the partnership, Mosaic has already completed 160 residences and has another 195 under development. They hope to build over 400 homes over the next 2 years.

By the end of 2022, Mosaic hopes to double its existing workforce, accelerate home construction within its $500 million residential development project pipeline, and expand beyond its borders in Arizona.