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Moderne Ventures raised $200M to invest in real estate, finance, insurance, and home service industries.

Constance Freedman, Moderne Ventures’ founder and managing partner, and Liza Benson, a partner, worked together to build a network of over 700 executives in different sectors like finance, real estate, home services, and insurance industries.

About Moderne Ventures


Moderne Ventures is a venture fund that invests in finance, home services, insurance, real estate and tech mortgages. The company has had its headquarters in Chicago, US, from its founding year 2015. Moderne has a Venture Fund as well as a systematic growth acceleration program known as Moderne Passport.

This early-stage venture capital firm broke all records and raised $200 million to provide capital to startups working in and around the industries mentioned above. Moderne’s latest fund has some new and existing partners such as funds that Oaktree Capital Management manages, Realogy, major real estate companies throughout the world, Greystar, JBG Smith, AvalonBay Communities, and Camden Property Trust. The company has assets worth $350 million under management.


Freedman has experience working in technology, venture, and real estate. She worked in lease and sales before the ‘dot-com’ era. She did her MBA at Harvard and started her career in investing.

In 2008, she launched a fund that focused on media and information. Simultaneously, she worked with the National Association of Realtors that wished to invest in real estate technology. The fund she launched acted as the predecessor to the current company. Whatever the venture capital firm does now goes back to this fund. The main part of their strategy is searching for companies that are outside and bringing them in.

She believes that industries such as real estate are seasonal, so no point in depending on a single industry. If a company’s core business is one industry, but it has the potential to spread in other industries, it will increase the market and increase the return for the investors. As a consequence, there will be a stronger fund.

Moderne usually provides first cheques to companies worth $4 million to $7 million. Its favorite companies are those who earn revenue of $2 million - $10 million. The majority of the investments of the company are either late seed or early Series B.

Till today, Moderne has invested in over 100 companies, including 3 IPOs, five unicorns, and many accretive financing events last year. Its significant portfolio investments are Super, Kaiyo, EasyKnock, Homesnap, MotoRefi, Better Mortgage, Hippo Insurance, ICON, and Porch. As of now, with its latest fund, it has invested in 7 companies till now.

The program has around 80 companies, and Moderne is set to invest in about a third of them. The company will have another round in almost 7-10 months.

The company provides a hands-on approach focused on impacting the growth of a company. This even includes a go-to-market strategy.

The industries spend over 30 million in marketing for people who aren’t even potential users. Modern uses data analytics and AI to help companies target potential users.

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