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Yes, we're like Zillow - but different

When I introduce the Estated brand to someone for the first time, I often get the reaction, “So, you’re like Zillow and I find my response includes – I admit a bit clumsily – both, “Yes” and, “No.” I imagine the nuances of property data are not widely known and therefore a less ineffectual answer to, “How are we like Zillow, but different?” could be informative. I hope this helps.

I do have to specify early on, however, that Zillow is a publicly traded company with over $1 billion in yearly revenue with many ongoing product initiatives. This post will specifically focus on Zillow compared to Estated as a means for accessing property data only, though they do much more - including their fairly recent entry into ibuying with Zillow Offers.

The key difference is...

Zillow provides a platform that displays property data for open, public consumption and Estated provides raw data solutions that other business can use to build platforms that resemble Zillow, for example.

The similarity is...

We supply many of the same property data points to our respective users. So, if you’re familiar with the information provided in a house listing on the Zillow search portal, you have an idea of what data Estated could offer –– but in JSON format for software development, not in a well-polished visual display.

If that’s the clarification you were looking for, great. But, there’s more...

Zillow does provide a free API that can be used for website development, but as with any free product, the Zillow API has limitations and strict terms of use that make it difficult to apply the data to drive professional-quality business products and services.

A few examples that you can find in their Terms of Use include limitations on the number of API calls that can be made, whereas with an Estated API plan, you get to pick the number of calls that works for you on a monthly basis. And when growth happens, we seamlessly transition you to a more cost-effective plan.

Second, Zillow won’t let you use the data for direct mail marketing, show more than 20 properties on a webpage at once and may prohibit platform monetization associated with their data.

Last, because Zillow doesn’t sell its API, you can bet that their quality assurance is not a high priority that they don’t provide dedicated product support or advisory services that help to ensure your success.

In summary, if you’re looking for information on a single property for personal use, go to If you’re building a product that’s not salable or is for educational purposes, give the Zillow API a try. If you’re building awesome, innovative products for your business that you and your customers will use, love and depend on, try the Estated API.




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