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Jetty’s new $23M funding round

Jetty, a financial services startup, has secured 23 million dollars in its funding round. Flourish Ventures and Citigroup led this series.

Jetty has now successfully raised $78 million since its launch five years back. K5 and CreditEase are among the other participants in the major growth series. Ribbit Capital and Khosla Ventures also took part as the previous funders of the company.


Headquartered in New York, Jetty has devised a solution to assist renters in paying their rent timely and giving more flexibility in such rent payments.

It has built a product that mirrors the "buy now, pay later" concept that is growing popular among consumers at retail, digitally, and in reality.

In summary, tenants can reimburse their rent whenever it's payable and then appeal till the 24th of the month to repay Jetty. They can do so either in one single payment or overtime. They don't pay any interest or overdraft payments. Instead, they spend a subscription fee every month that ranges from 15 dollars to 25 dollars, based on the risk portfolio of the tenant. If the tenant does not repay the money within the allotted time frame, they will be unable to borrow further funds for the next month.


According to CEO Mike Rudoy, the monthly charge is "much less" than any possible late fee if the lease is not compensated. He claims that the product is more of a relative to classic BNPL than genuine BNPL.

Jetty will pay the total rent amount in place of the renters every month. They settle on the very first date. Renters have 24 days to repay the loan in a timeframe that works for them. 

Jetty Rent collaborated with Cortland, a global property finance, construction, and management firm, to debut the service in beta with inhabitants across a range of buildings. The firm is now making its offering available to the general public. Jetty Rent is the company's newest offering, including "low-cost" tenants coverage and safety deposit refunds. Its objective, according to Rudoy, is to make rentals more inexpensive and accessible.

According to Rudoy, Jetty is transitioning from an insurtech to a financier as a result of the shift. Cross River Bank provides the loans on behalf of the corporation. Rudoy stated that Jetty has traditionally been regarded as an insurer, and now they are looking to bring some more lending and financing expertise to the biz. 

He told the sources that Jetty provides all these three products to housing managers, creating a competitive advantage. This also distinguishes Jetty from other financial services businesses addressing the same sector and issue. Jetty is the only place where one can get a security deposit substitute and an adaptable rent item all in one place. 

Currently, the organization has contracts with over 2.2 million rental properties operated by estate managers and owners around the nation.

As per Alex Vlasto, the firm's marketing Vice president, from commencing to establish its estate partnerships in 2017, Jetty has witnessed 193 per cent average YOY growth in contractual apartments. It collaborates with AMLI Residential, for instance, in addition to Cortland.

Flourish Ventures' Emmalyn Shaw states that Jetty is the only firm that "goes further than a sole solution to incorporate a wealthy and distinguished series of financial services," such as rental coverage, security deposit options, and rent agility. Jetty has established a significant cutthroat benefit with its distinct consumer data, competitive pricing, and enhanced customer trust. Additionally, she says that Jetty's customer presence is unrivaled through premier property management companies such as Cortland.