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InvestNext $4.3M seed round for its expansion

InvestNext, a property investment software firm headquartered in Detroit, has raised 4.3 million dollars in a seed phase.


Hyde Park Venture Partners headed the series that took place in Chicago. Grand Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners and two others also participated in the series. 

Established in 2016, InvestNext has created a holistic solution that automates raising and managing funds for property investment enterprises. Since its inception, the platform has enabled more than 4.4 billion dollars in sales, with a 629 per cent increase in consumers and a 452 per cent increase in monthly income year over year. On its portal, InvestNext now has over 18,000 active backers spread over 1,200 funds as well as syndications.

The fresh capital will help the firm accelerate its expansion by hiring more people, particularly in the design and engineering divisions.

Detroit's Kate Hernandez stated that the performance of InvestNext is remarkable. She added that the personalized interfaces, turn-key funding, and automatic payouts on their investment product attract syndicators and funders who understand their money could go even further provided they avoid tiresome effort and high cost.

Turbine's Chief Executive Officer noted that InvestNext had met all the criteria for what investors require for an investing website. His company needs a safe U.S.-based comprehensive funding and administrative solution with a seamless, easy, and accessible user experience for the clients. And, that's what InvestNext have fulfilled. Above all, InvestNext elevates investment business to new heights of expertise and significantly improves customer satisfaction.

InvestNext's co-founder, Kevin Heras, recorded his statement regarding his company's significance.


He said that previously, property investment had been an unproductive capital market that was beyond reach for most financers. His team foresees a future in which the $17 trillion property class' ownership is far more widely dispersed, and traders easily purchase and sell shares as easily as they could on the share market. As his company plans to launch the next stage of their network, this new amount of funding will expedite their product development activities. 

Real estate crowdfunding has rapidly been one of the most popular methods to invest in property.

It allows people who might not otherwise be capable of doing so and improves how developers and housing experts locate investment options. InvestNext aims to make this type of investment accessible to the general public by expediting the acquisition and crowdsourcing procedure, allowing anybody to get involved in determining the property investment industry's fate.

About InvestNext:


InvestNext is on a journey to make property investment ownership more accessible to everyone. InvestNext automates time-consuming activities and serves as a single point of contact for engaging investors, raising funds, reporting and distributing returns, and much more.

Its user-friendly interface allows investors to make a significant difference in the areas where they engage. The company is part of an organization’s group that has transformed Detroit into a tech ecosystem over the past decade. Previously, it had raised 600,000 dollars on February 24 this year. The firm did so to expand its online system and workforce.