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Inman to be Acquired by Private Equity Firm

Beringer Capital is a major North American private equity firm. It specializes in marketing services, media, and technology. The firm recently acquired Inman Group, a real estate media entity.

About Inman


Inman gives innovative, accurate, and timely information about the real estate sector.

Inman was founded by Brad Inman, a long-term journalist and an entrepreneur, in 1996. All the professionals around the globe working in this sector seek information from it. The company is known for its cutting-edge technology, in-depth educational opportunities, award-winning journalism, and forward-thinking events.

About Beringer Capital


Beringer Capital is a private equity firm. It specializes in quickly evolving media, data, technology, and commerce sectors.

The firm uses its intellectual and financial resources to invest in emerging middle-market companies. It has its offices in Tokyo as well as New York with a record of providing impressive results and exceptional customer experience.

For the residential real estate business, Inman has become a go-to news source. It is able to reach over 2 million professionals working in the real estate sector through its in-person and digital platforms. This is so because Inman provides them award-winning news coverage, forward-looking events, and thoughtful commentary. These things help the professionals to keep an eye on best practices and the latest trends. 

Beringer will majorly invest in growth opportunities throughout Inman’s events operations and editorial. These involve strategic bolt-on acquisitions to make its market leadership position strong. It will work with an already working team to help the development of content and dynamic tools, which offers long-lasting success for everyone associated with Inman.

The managing partner at Beringer trade publications, Lu Cacioppo, states that trade publications play an integral role in the media ecosystem in which Inman holds the top position. Inman’s team has done an excellent job till now to found a very active and engaging community. Bering wants to engage with Inman in new exciting offers which will make Inman’s real estate professional audience more potent so that they always stay ahead of their competitors and increase their business.


Brad Inman, chairman and founder of Inman Group, suggested Berigner brought digital media expertise and more data to Inman.

Both the companies have a common vision of pushing the industry ahead, ensuring their readers achieve success in the ever-changing industry. In Beringer, Inman found a partner who shares the same priorities and values.

As per Josh Albertson, who is Inman’s Chief Executive Office, Inman is a unique event and media property, reshaping the media’s future. 

Beringer’s marketing and digital media experience will support Inman’s events expertise, advertising, and media teams. Inman’s existing team will continue its work even after the acquisition, and Beringer’s will contribute with its investment capital strategically.

Mr. Cacioppo further added that Josh and Brad will still play a leading role at Inman while Beringer doesn’t want Inman to lose its healthy culture and independent spirit.