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IKEA to Start Selling Clean Energy

According to IKEA, a more eco-friendly life begins at home. It wishes to make this eco-friendly living affordable and accessible to a large number of people.

Recently, IKEA Sweden added STROMMA to its Clean Energy Services offer. This offer provides an electricity subscription that will empower many people to electrify their houses with good electricity, not only for their pockets but also for the planet.

About IKEA


IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, home services, and kitchen appliances.

Founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, the company is renowned for its modern designs of different types of furniture and appliances. With its focus on product development, the company has decreased its prices by 2% to 3% percent.

The company wants to create a strong impact of its renewable energy movement and expects its customers, co-workers, and partners to help manage climate change. The goal is to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people by 2030 to live a healthier, better, and more eco-friendly daily life within the limitations of the planet.

It believes renewable energy is the future of energy.

So, they want to produce electricity with the help of sustainable sources that are more affordable and accessible to everyone.

The energy produced from fossil fuels used in houses has a harmful impact on health and the planet. According to IKEA, one very simple and easy thing everyone can do is to shift towards renewable energy in the houses. And, that is what the company is trying to do. IKEA is planning to provide more eco-friendly solutions which can be easily integrated into everyone’s daily life. Apart from STROMMA in Sweden, IKEA provides solar panels to its customers in 11 markets to empower customers throughout the Ingka Group markets for generating and using more sustainable energy with the help of IKEA’s energy services till 2025.

By using the STROMMA offer in Sweden, customers will be able to use certified and affordable electricity generated from wind and the sun. Not only this, they can even track their own electricity through an app. Those customers who earlier bought solar panels from IKEA can also monitor their production through an app and sell the electricity they don’t use to others.

The sales manager at IKEA Group, Bojan Stupar, states that IKEA is a company for home furnishing. It wishes to make it easy for more and more people to live a better life by using sustainable products in their houses. Right now, the company provides services and products that are smart and energy-efficient, saving water, eating healthier food, reducing waste, and reducing electricity usage. It provides wind and solar energy at a cost-effective price to a large number of people as if nature is the next step in the eco-friendly journey.