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Humming Homes raised $5.6M for its Northeastern expansion

Humming Homes, a US-based property management firm, secured $5.6 million in a seed fund.


Greycroft, the venture capital company, headed the round. Other investors such as New Valley Ventures, Thrive Capital, and two more participated in the round. 

Humming Homes is a property management firm that assists people in the suburbs in maintaining their lawns and repairing leaking pipes.


It offers single-family property owners a complete management platform with an online experience. It has devoted in-person residential managers providing a single source, 24/7 live help, and information and ideas to mitigate responsive and costly home maintenance problems. The business now has $8.1 million in net financing. 

The company will use its fresh funds to expand beyond its original areas in the Northeast United States. 


As per co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Adeel Mallick, his company wants to provide property administration for first-time homebuyers.

Among such owners, many are millennials, who are eventually departing from the urban rents after becoming accustomed to complex offerings. Its software allows users to keep an eye on their properties, detect maintenance problems, and handle upgrades and services provided by local businesses. In a discussion, Mallick explained, their goal is to focus on demand and actively encourage regional markets that deliver better supply, competitive pricing, and better user experience. And they serve as the administrative tier.

While the proptech industry has produced a variety of rental management solutions, just a few focus on owner-occupied houses.


Thumbtack and Angi are two major competitors. However, neither is dominating, according to Mallick. Humming Homes debuted in October 2020 and aims only at "mass-affluent" customers with home prices over $750,000 in its initial stages.

According to him, the wealthiest ten percent of American households account for over half of the $500 billion spent on such products every year. He added that while casting a wide net for consumers is beneficial, it's also one of the reasons why a majority of these tech-enabled house service suppliers have struggled to attain exit velocity. 

According to Mallick, Humming handled properties worth a total of 500 million dollars as of early October. The major challenge is convincing apartment owners that upkeep is more than a succession of little, reactive remedies. For the time being, this platform is a subscription-based product. As it spreads further than the Tri-State territory, it may adopt a broader "a la carte" strategy, as per Mallick. 

Humming Homes recently formed a collaboration with Douglas Elliman, a real estate firm located in South Florida. Douglas will assist the business with potential new marketplaces. In the next months, Humming Homes will expand into different tri-state regions and South Florida with DE.

About Humming Homes


For the urban homeowner, Humming Homes is reinventing house administration. The firm, which is on track to be one of the world's leading property managers, is pioneering a new classification of comprehensive home management by leveraging data insights to minimize reactionary and costly house repairs concerns. The year before, Humming Homes had raised $1,500,000 and $1,000,000. Both of the rounds were led by AlleyCorp.