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How to Use Property Ownership Data

Property ownership data is a powerful and essential tool used by a wide variety of industries from real estate to insurance to home services. Let's explore how you can use property data to enhance your product offering.


What is property ownership data?

Property ownership data includes all information related to the current owner of a property.

It's important to understand that ownership data differs from historical deeds which contains up to 40 years worth of historical sale and mortgage data which constitute a deed record or transfer of land ownership.

Ownership information can include the following data fields:

  • name—owner name or name(s);
  • formatted_street_address—address of property where current tax bill is mailed;
  • unit_type—type of property such as an apartment;
  • unit_number—for example, unit #104;
  • city—the city where the current tax bill is mailed;
  • state—the state where the current tax bill is mailed;
  • zip_code—the zip code where the current tax bill is mailed;
  • owner_occupied—a description of the owner occupancy. For example, 'yes' or 'probable'.

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Importance of property ownership data and use cases

Access to relevant and up-to-date property information including home ownership data is critical to a wide variety of industries.

Property owner verification and validation is essential to the day-to-day operations of insurance companies, mortgage lenders, utility and energy companies, home services providers, real estate investors and more.

  • Real estate brokerages and agents can use current property ownership status to target potential renters looking to purchase their first home.
  • Insurance companies can use property ownership data to streamline applications with instant information verification that helps eliminate inaccurate quotes.
  • Mortgage lenders can use owner, deed, title, and sale information to save time and reduce customer frustration with pre-filled forms on applications.
  • Home services companies can use current property ownership information to tailor marketing outreach efforts to target markets and curate more customized experiences.
  • Real estate investors can utilize AVM technologies to assess and evaluate potential investment properties.

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