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How Blend Insurance Agency uses Estated property data to deliver a top-notch insurance marketplace

While FinTech, InsurTech and PropTech companies are helping people navigate through the ever-so-important process of buying a home, Estated property data is there to help them make it happen.

Clearly homebuyers would much prefer to daydream about finally getting the perfect double dutch doors off the bedroom they’ve always wanted over the tedious processes associated with making the dream come true. That’s where technology companies are stepping up to help modernize and simplify the homebuying experience – but it’s no easy feat.

Let’s look at a particular example with one of our partners, Blend Insurance Agency (BIA), a subsidiary of Blend, a disruptor in the financial services industry and true FinTech success story. Improvements to the homebuying process are leading to an overall better experience for homebuyers. Blend Insurance is one innovative agency using Estated property data to deliver just that.

Head of Insurance, Greg Isaacs, points out how BIA set out to evolve the industry by addressing the tedious and frustrating parts of filling out necessary applications, “The more we learned about the insurance industry, the more we felt uniquely positioned to tackle this problem [delays in the application process] using our access to reliable borrower and property data captured in the application.” 

By focusing on the back end, BIA could provide the experience customers would rave about on the front end;

“Once we integrated with Estated, we were able to succeed closer to a 90% rate in getting replacement cost. This means the majority of customers are able to get quotes from several insurance carriers without giving us any additional information outside of the address.”

Innovative technology is only as good as the data it runs on. Adding Estated’s robust and reliable property data led to big wins for Blend Insurance Agency. Download the full case study and learn more about how nationwide property data could enhance your product, service or automation.

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