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Funding Fridays—Setpoint launches with $615 million

Setpoint, a technology platform for modern real estate transactions, has launched with $615 million in debt capital to enable proptech companies to offer a frictionless homebuying and selling experience for their customers including contingent-free all-cash offers.

Setpoint is focused on powering the future of real estate. Founded in 2021 to make homeownership more accessible for all Americans, Setpoint's capital and technology platform enable proptech companies and other lending organizations to offer next-generation home buying and selling options to their customers. 


Setpoint's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform allows companies to effortlessly accelerate funding and close on properties—enabling more Americans to buy and sell homes in competitive markets.

Dubbed the ‘Stripe of real estate’, Setpoint already counts leading proptech innovators such as Homeward, Flyhomes, Reali, and Houwzer as clients that currently use its SaaS platform to offer lightning-fast purchasing options for their customers.

Setpoint's technology platform is purpose-built for proptech companies and other alternative real estate transaction models to help manage lender requirements including:

  • Collateral Management: Track assets and store property collateral at every stage of the closing process. Documents are stored in the cloud and all parties - borrowers, lenders and custodians - can access collateral from Setpoint's centralized repository.

  • Document Verification: Setpoint combines human review with optical character recognition (OCR) to continuously and more accurately verify documents.

  • Treasury Services: Draw funds daily from Setpoint's platform with automated wire transfers to escrow (or any funding account). Financing is no longer a barrier to closing and borrowers do not need to rely on expensive equity while unlocking debt capital.

  • Facility Management: Monitor credit concentration limits and automate borrowing base calculations on Setpoint's software. Borrowers and lenders can view asset-specific and portfolio-level risk insights.

  • Expedited Valuation: Request and receive property valuation assessments or estimates from Setpoint's platform in record time.

Leading the charge behind Setpoint's meteoric rise is President and Co-founder Ben Rubenstein, who is also an investor in agent-led iBuying solution, Fello, which we featured in last week's Funding Fridays feature. Click here to read.

Fello Funding

Setpoint is trying to pave a new path to homeownership for Americans that is currently being undermined by an outdated lending system that favours the wealthy.

"Setpoint streamlines the process of buying and selling homes, enabling a stronger pathway to wealth generation for Americans. Setpoint provides both the tech and the capital to proptech companies that offer all-cash options, which makes it possible for any prospective homebuyer to compete with the biggest and richest corporate buyers or investors." - Ben Rubenstein.

Despite skyrocketing home prices, over 6 million homes were sold across the United States in 2021. Residential real estate prices rose 18.8% year-over-year—marking the largest yearly increase in nearly 35 years—driven by wealthy real estate buyers and investors backed by all-cash offers.

According to recently released data, investors accounted for approximately 27% of all single-family home sales in the first three quarters of last year and all-cash offers represented 23% or 1 in 5 of all existing home purchases made in 2021.

Setpoint expects to facilitate over 25,000 transactions by the end of 2022.

CEO Take: As interest rates continue to climb and mortgages become more expensive, all-cash offers will almost always dominate while homeownership—the most common pathway for wealth generation and upward mobility—slips even further out of reach for millions of Americans.

Setpoint enables borrowers and lenders to access, store, and manage verified property collateral. It allows clients to request valuation assessments as well as provide cash offer approval based on buyer and property qualifications. It also offers turn-key access to capital along with document verification. In other words, it's an all-in-one real estate transaction ecosystem.

Setpoint is setting itself up to become to the de facto technology option powering cash offers in the industry by working with everyone on both the lending and real estate sides of the equation.

By combining an impressive deployment of data, technology, and cold hard cash, Setpoint is positioned to become a dominant player as the proptech industry continues to mature and revolutionize the real estate industry.

From our entire team here at Estated, congratulations to everyone over at Setpoint. We can't wait to see what's next for the exciting proptech in the coming years!

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