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DoorLoop acquires $10M from its owners and investors

DoorLoop, a champion rental real estate management tech business, announced securing $10 million in seed funding on 17th September. The company raised funds from its creators and private financers.

After its recent success, the funds will be spent to further engage in the firm's software system, hiring activities, and advertising strategies.

DoorLoop's team consists of six co-founders.


It also has a cabinet of consultants. Both the founders and advisors have decades of collective real estate and SaaS knowledge. 

The business was formed in 2019. However, it didn't launch until early 2021. Property owners, building managers, and consulting firms utilize DoorLoop to streamline all from marketing apartments to vetting renters, collecting rent, handling maintenance issues, and evicting tenants. Estate managers can work from anywhere, scale quickly, run more efficiently, and gather more rent. Co-founder Matt Cave claimed that owners and management companies are quickly migrating to DoorLoop for its convenience of use and customer support. It's the only exclusive framework with full audit, QuickBooks web connectivity, and an accessible API to synchronize with many applications for endless personalization and potential. 

DoorLoop is providing 50 percent off its technology for the remaining year, with a 30-day cash-back assurance. It will do so in order to help the company flourish.

Furthermore, in 2021, the business will donate 1% of all sales to organizations like the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Another co-founder who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ori Tamuz, also recorded his statement in this seed round. He mentioned that no simple and inexpensive technology platform was available to handle our rentals, collect payments, and develop the holdings before DoorLoop. The software he and his co-founders tested was difficult to use and pricey, with little visibility. Furthermore, several of the portals were developed with outdated technology and designed more than fifteen years back. Thus, they knew that would make something better, and this is how DoorLoop was launched. 

Tamuz was previously the co-founder of two famous SaaS startups, Nova Point of Sale as well as PracticePanther. Both of the companies were bought and are still industry leaders. Three of the five DoorLoop co-creators have served together for over a decade and understand what it takes to revolutionize a market with a successful team, offering, and strategy.

About DoorLoop:


DoorLoop is the most user-friendly and highly rated real estate management software available on the internet. The world's most enormous technology evaluation and comparison site, SourceForge, has given it a Summer Best Performer Award.

This award honors businesses and products that have received excellent feedback, placing them in the leading tenth percent of all participating initiatives. The company achieved the most 5-star ratings, placing it in the top 10 percent of all home management solutions on SourceForge, thus winning the title. It has consistently provided consumers with the greatest level of service and assistance. DoorLoop may be tailored to fit any mixed-use spectrum, spanning housing, business, cooperatives, and much more. The company provides services in Miami, Tel Aviv, London, and Boston. It has about a 40-person team and aims to make more.