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Direct mail targeting with the Estated property data API

As a proptech company, we are a fan of using technology to increase productivity, save time and money. But, the power of technology in real estate is also born from being able to better serve the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers.

Now, more than ever, taking an integrated approach to marketing might just be the best decision you can make for your business. With the growing attention economy and the tendency to be “always on,” we are seeing a resurgence in our collective need to reduce screen time, some choosing to “go dark” for weeks or months. Why not think about complementing your hard-earned social media following with a reminder postcard for an upcoming event you’re hosting in the community.

But wait! You’re probably thinking how much more expensive direct mail campaigns can be than online communications. So, is it really a viable option? If the ANA research saying that direct mail response rates are at their highest in over a decade doesn’t convince you, maybe we can.

Hyper-target direct mail with property data

One approach is to better segment and target your households based on the information that matters to your business — increasing your chances of getting a rate of return that works for you. All you have to do is extend your basic mailing list to include details about a given home, making your messaging relevant and valuable to the people in it.

You know best who and where you need to target to meet your campaign goals and we have the geographic, demographic, and household-specific data to help you do so. The benefit of more cost effective direct mail campaigns might just be those additional and valuable touchpoints with your target audience that give you a leg up in the crowd.