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Clear Capital acquires Cubicasa to enhance real estate appraisal process

Clear Capital, a countrywide property valuation software business, has closed the purchase of CubiCasa, a proptech firm headquartered in Finland.


CubiCasa will widen its unique mobile software that automates square footage sketch making and digitizes real estate data gathering due to this deal. CubiCasa will maintain its independence and continue to serve a diverse range of customers and sectors.

Clear Capital's Chief Executive Officer, Duane Andrews, stated that he and his team intended to develop a way to enable layout designs to be more precise and simpler.


It is part of the company's aim to streamline the appraisal system. He added that they looked at every alternative, and CubiCasa's technology outperformed everything else on the field. Then they met their management team, where they realized the similarity within the cultures. Andrews claimed that it was only the beginning of a fantastic trip the companies went on with. 

Everyone with a cellphone can utilize CubiCasa's cell capture software with no training experience.


The system generates a high-precision layout drawing and determines the gross living area following  ANSI norms. CubiCasa's technology can help decrease irregularities and differences in the estate information collection and inspection procedure, the second-highest promoter of a property's value. Businesses can simply integrate CubiCasa's imaging technology into their current mobile apps using APIs and smartphone SDKs.

CubiCasa has promoted Jeff Allen, who previously worked as Executive VP of laboratories at Clear Capital, to the president.

Allen remarked that Clear Capital is ecstatic with the CubiCasa product, as well as its excellent personnel. Clear Capital is pleased about the additional improvements the investment will bring to the service, or what they've previously established can act as an industrial resource to modernize the appraisal sector. Allen believes that their sector will undergo significant change in the future years, and they want to help propel it rather than react to it.

Clear Capital's purchase of CubiCasa is part of its continuous attempts to improve house assessment consistency and precision through innovative technologies, enhanced procedures, and rule modernization.

Clear Capital was CubiCasa's debut client for its Digital GLA offering, which is incorporated into ClearInsight. ClearInsight is widely applied in evaluation modernization efforts around the country.

This statement came on the 20th anniversary of Clear's establishment. Clear Capital launched ClearLabs, an in-house invention laboratory to tackle the property and mortgage sector's most urgent matters, the previous year. It also set up the  ClearCollateral Review, an evaluation platform that streamlines collateral screening under business credit standards and GSE rules. Clear Capital developed OwnerInsight, a no-cost, consumer-friendly smartphone product that allows secure social distancing in the appraisal system, using ClearLabs.

The money involved in the acquisition is not revealed. 

About Clear Capital:


Clear Capital's mission is to offer customers a thorough knowledge of every estate in the United States via its field assessment solutions and advanced analytics. It also focuses on improving its processes via its platform technology. Since their first order in 2001, over 1,300 teammates throughout four brands have reflected their dedication to excellence – wherever it goes and whatever it takes. It has Clario and REO Network in its empire too. 

About CubiCasa:


CubiCasa, based in Oulu, is the industry leader in smartphone interior scanning and is renowned for its fast and straightforward square footage software. CubiCasa's software is used in 125 nations and has assisted in the creation of more than 1 million floor layouts. CubiCasa is on a quest to automate property by providing technology to the housing market, appraisal, and loan sectors.