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Casafari raises $15M for investors to expand the portfolio


Spotify is the only company that has acquired assets in the music industry through PEs and VCs. This will allow you to have the music on rent through a subscription instead of becoming its owner for your whole life. Just like this, proptech startups will follow its footsteps for single-family homes.

Casafari, a real estate data platform located in Lisbon, Portugal, recently raised $15 million in Series A round.

The round was led by Prudence Holding in New York, United States. Further, it raised $120 million from the private equity investor based in Geneva, Stoneweg.

Some other PE players were also involved, along with Stoneweg, to buy commercial and residential real estate buy-to-let. This is done to save the delegation. The startup already provides its services in Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal.


Casafari offers solutions to information asymmetry and messes in real estate with the help of deep AI and machine learning. It allows you to analyze and index real-time over 75,000,000 property listings from more than 14,000 data sources into a complete and clean platform. Not only this, but it also provides customized market reports.

Some of the other investors who are part of this round are HJM Holdings, FJ Labs (founder of Fabrice Grinda, OLX Group), Armilar Venture Partners (VC from Portuguese behind Feedzai and Unicorn Outsystems), and 1 Sharpe (founder of Roofstock). Investor Lakestar is also a part of this round.

Nils Henning, Mila Suharev, and Mitya Moskalchuk founded Casafari in 2018. The company uses the unsorted real estate data from Europe to fulfill its goals because there is no unified MLS (multiple listing service).

Casafari plans to validate, aggregate, and distribute the real estate data through their platform to search for single-family homes as an asset class for institutional investors.


Nils Hennings, CEO of the company, revealed their platform had built an amazing ecosystem that includes single unit procurement for every asset class, trading collaboration, underwriting, allowing valuation, developers, investors, brokers, and asset managers.

Stoneweg will invest in fragmented and large acquisitions. This will bring more liquidity in the market and produce more transactions for brokers on its platform on behalf of other important investors. The company is eagerly looking forward to it.

Individual investors are using the platform as well. In just two and half years, Casafari has made some important institutional investors in RE/MAX franchise, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's International Realty, Engel & Volkers, Fine & Country, Keller Williams, Kronos, and many more.

Co-CEO and CPO of Casafari, Mire Suhalev, suggested that almost 70 billion euros of dry power lie idle right now. It can be used to allocate for the acquisition of residential properties under a buy-to-let scheme, and there are no offers currently for this property. They want to build a single unit portfolio for private equity real estate funds and pension funds in Europe, the way they have in the United States.