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Beeline Home Lending Platform Raises $10.1M

A Rhode Island business, Beeline has secured $10.1 million in seed capital for its online home loan system.


As per a securities report the previous week, Beeline Loans Corporation revealed $7 million in the SAFE securities comprising 19 shareholders plus another $3 million in SAFE instruments comprising 10 participants. SAFE is referred to as a Simple Agreement for Future Equity.

Nick Liuzza is running the organization.


Beeline first provided buyers in Texas, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, etc., fixed and customizable traditional loans, and fixed-rate Federal Housing Administration loans. It chose to join these marketplaces first as the states make it simple to complete online property investment processes such as electronic notarization, which helps to fasten the lending cycle. The business raised $7.6 million in initial fundraising 17 months ago.

Beeline is currently approved to do its operations in 19 states and the District of Columbia. Beeline's app allows users to qualify for loans from the comfort of home and possibly receive "purchase-ready authorization" instead of a basic pre-approval. The software connects directly to their banks, job, and tax documents, enabling live validation of loan-related data. As per the company, the streamlined procedure saves money and allows Beeline to offer lesser interest rates and faster loan acceptance. Moreover, a specialized "loan guide" assists candidates in completing the process from beginning to end.

Beeline's VP and co-founder, Greg Ellis, stated that the fresh funds would be spent on its technology.


Ellis added that ahead of future expansion, they're improving the tech of their lending initiative to develop in a scalable, affordable manner.

Beeline is planning where the next surge of homeowners will reside as they strive to enter new markets.

About Beeline:


Beeline can start the appraisal and ownership procedures faster than other creditors since the network gathers a participant's total financial background. As a result, the company can produce a speedier and more precise assessment of someone's creditworthiness.

Beeline reduces the difficulties of loan approvals by combining AI techniques and human "Loan Guides"  to provide comfort to prospective homebuyers or refinancers within just 15 minutes and by offering a single source for the whole procedure.

Since the firm is mainly automated and offers its services straight to the clients, it doesn't charge initiation or processing costs. There are zero "gotcha" charges, hidden charges, or marketing middlemen royalties.

Unlike other financiers, Beeline takes customers from application to price lock and appraisal requests without anyone having to spend anything upfront. Usually, customers will pay anywhere between $0 and $600 for their appraisal upfront. Rather, Beeline will settle for it upfront, and customers will settle for it along with additional closing costs such as third-party and transfer charges at the time of termination. These are included in every home mortgage and are easily seen in customers' Beeline Tracker.

The company claims that it values customer privacy and keeps a thorough audit trial of all interactions with the home mortgage profile. Any acquired data is retained read-only, and only AI systems are used to access it. For signing in and viewing users' Beeline Tracker as well as profile, Beeline never contains user information and uses a two-factor authentication method.