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Arrived Homes Raises $27M

Arrived Homes is a real estate investing platform. The company has made ownership of rental properties a reality for everyone. It raised $37 million in the seed funding round.


Arrived Homes offers rental home investment services. It started in 2019. Headquartered in the Greater Seattle Area, West Coast, USA, it was founded by Ryan Frazier, Kenneth Cason, and Alejandro Chouza. It helps people to be financially independent through passive income from rental properties. The company buys and handles the residential rental properties and also its residents to invest in its funds.

This was the first financing round for the company. It consisted of $27 million in debt financing and $10 million in equity financing. Core Innovation Capital was the leading investor in this round. Other participants were Neo, PSL Ventures, Fred Tuomi, Hadi Partovi, Dara Khosrows, Spencer Rascoff, Time Ventures, Good Friends, and Bezos Expeditions.

The company wants to invest $37 million in increasing its workforce and boost the number of rental homes throughout the country. Until now, Arrived secured more than 30 properties all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and Arkansas. These are either fully funded or getting ready to offer to investors. The investment can be made with a little as $100 in an Arrived rental property. The investor receives rental income on a quarterly basis with a hike in their share of the property.

As of now, it is the first and the only company that has SEC-qualified offerings so that anyone can buy shares in individual homes. Arrived’s platform handles all aspects of the investment process, from the most helpful investment property – based on local rental cash-flow capacity and home appreciation to handling everyday operations.


Arrived’s co-founder and CEO Ryan Frazier mentioned that investing in real estate is another term for the American dream.

However, few people are in such a financial state to buy the entire house or able to invest in and take care of rental properties. Arrived has made the process of investing in real estate very easy. Earlier, the same process took months, and now it just takes less than 4 minutes with an investment as low as $100.

According to the Managing Partner and founder at Core Innovation Capital, Arjan Schutte, the Arrived team makes a great asset class available to huge daily Americans: single-family rental. Due to Arrived, it is finally possible for retail investors to get their hands on regular rental income and property with just a meager amount of $100. It should get the credit to create a whole new category of consumer investing, and Core Innovation is a proud associate. They are democratizing wealth in a way never seen in American history.

As per Spencer Rascoff, Zillow’s former CEO and co-founding General Partner of 75 & Sunny Ventures, real estate has always been a means for the wealthy to grow and diversify their portfolios. Since last year, there have been drastic changes in the investing arena, including real estate. With Arrived, an investor only needs $100 and 4 minutes to spare.