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Add useful insights to your real estate listings

Business Issue:
Real estate teams need a simple method for filling property info fields on their listing pages. MLS/IDX is suitable for the basic information but more info is needed for a real estate team to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Using a 3rd party data source to fill in the extra fields will give your real estate team’s listing page a differentiating factor by providing property and area data which cannot be found on competitor listings or on MLS.


  • Gain insights to better understand the subtleties of your listings and bolster your market knowledge
  • Make your listing page the go-to information source for your market by providing additional data to your customers not found elsewhere
  • Improve agent and client decision-making by accessing more information than ever before

The importance of inbound website marketing

Successful real estate data marketing techniques have shifted from outbound marketing such as cold calling or direct mail to inbound marketing and created a need for agents to build their own website to drive inbound traffic and establish an online presence. Agent sites are crucial for building trust with prospects and establishing the agents as experts in their niche market.

Customers who are familiar with specific agents can frequent their site to look at listings in their market and stay up to date with available homes and market trends. Creating a standout example of an agent website will the quality and volume of your business substantially.

How to differentiate your listing site

Aside from establishing your personal brand, having an agent site allows you to become an essential client resource. Agents who go above and beyond the standard resource provisions will be seen as authorities in their designated market and by their local customer base. Everyone will interpret this differently because effective positioning will look differently to agents in different markets with unique target clients. Offering any sort of value-add tool, content, or additional data will positively benefit your site’s effectiveness to your target client.

Mortgage calculators, home valuations, custom alerts, community info are some examples of content and tools which can increase site visitor retention and result in more clients.

Standout data offerings

Providing additional data on individual properties is another way to stand out as a market leader in your niche market. This can be done by supplementing the MLS data on any given property with a 3rd party data source. Estated offers an array of property and area data which complements and goes beyond the standard MLS data offerings. These additional data points can provide insights into the property for you and your clients to make better purchase and sale decisions.

Estated & MLS® Features Comparison

  Estated MLS®
Property characteristics check check
Market valuation check check
Market status check check
Owner history check check
Tax history check check
Comparable properties check check
Nearby schools check check
Nearby amenities check check
Crime stats check check
Sex offenders check  
Mortgage statistics check  
Utilities statistics check  
Neighbourhood demographics check  
County health statistics check  
Natural disaster risk & events check  

Site characteristics

  • Street address
  • Neighbourhood
  • Sublocality
  • City
  • Census tract
  • County
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Zoning
  • Zoning category
  • Land use description

Structure characteristics

  • Year built
  • Effective year built (if substantially updated)
  • Rooms count
  • Beds count
  • Baths count
  • Stories count
  • Units count
  • Total square footage of living area
  • Total square footage of building
  • Total square footage of basement
  • Total square footage of garage
  • Architecture type
  • Exterior wall type
  • Air conditioning type
  • Basement status
  • Building type
  • Improvement type
  • Current condition of building
  • Quality of construction of building
  • Construction type
  • Fireplace count
  • Fireplace type
  • Foundation type
  • Flooring type
  • Garage type
  • Heating type
  • Mobile home
  • Parking spaces count
  • Parking type
  • Pool type
  • Roof type
  • Roof style
  • Electricity type
  • Fuel type
  • Sewer type
  • Water type

Owner information

  • Name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Mailing address city
  • Mailing address state
  • Mailing address zipcode

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