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5 real estate APIs for a platform your customers will love

Digital transformation is doubling down on the real estate industry. Today’s home buyers and sellers are demanding more personalized, user-friendly experiences than ever before. Research shows that 57% of consumers will switch companies if a competitor is providing a better experience, and 75% of businesses believe that a well-integrated API has boosted their consumer experience.

As a result, real estate companies are turning to APIs to cater to home buyers, sellers and agents by serving up useful, relevant, accurate data on properties and their locations.

We’ve curated a list of five APIs that can help create a top-notch customer-first experience for your real estate platform with data.

Location / Environment Data

1. Numbeo API

The Numbeo API is the fast track to comparing cost of living and living conditions between cities. Understanding an area’s cost of living can help home buyers narrow their search with expense to income ratio in mind. Users can also glean information about less main-stream qualities of the local environment surrounding a piece of real estate such as pollution, traffic and crime. Armed with this information, the Numbeo API can help agents communicate relevant information with clients based on their unique financial and neighborhood requirements.

2. Walk Score Professional API

Walkability remains one of the top priorities of real estate buyers and Walk Score Professional brings this high-value amenity to the center stage. Potential home buyers can use Walk Score to narrow their focus to specific neighborhoods and better understand the value of properties they’re interested in based on accessibility and lifestyle choices. Walk Score grades locations across the nation on a scale of 1-100 for walkability, public transit, and bicycle friendliness. Grades can be dialed down to the address level, giving users a way to see how their chosen property stacks up.


REMAX and Zillow are just two of many notable companies already using Walk Score on their sites.

3. Google Maps Geocoding API

Geocoding refers to the process of transforming a physical address (100 Main Street, Atlanta, GA) into coordinates, which you can use to mark areas on a map. Google Map’s Geocoding API allows you to easily create visuals that help your visitors put location into perspective. Your customers get to use the best mapping software there is and you don’t need to fuss with latitude and longitude.

Housing data

The three real estate APIs mentioned above are most effective when paired with core property datasets. What good is the location and walkability score of a property if you can’t review it relative to the property’s appearance, the last sale price, square footage, age, condition and more. That’s where our last two APIs come into play.

As you likely already know, on-market data is only accessible by registered MLS members yet off-market data is public record and includes much the same if not more information about a property. If you can swing both, your users will love it.

4. Spark API

Spark API offers three types of critical real estate data for public consumption –– listings, contacts and market stats –– if you’re an MLS member. The API is role-based so MLS members can grant access to API developers for easy building of a website or app. Spark API’s clear documentation outlines the necessary information on licensing, access permissions and compatibility with data standards that are unique to MLS data and can throw those who are new to or unfamiliar with real estate red tape for a loop.

5. Estated API

We couldn’t end this list without mentioning our own real estate API for your off-market data needs. We offer simple, reliable nationwide data on residential properties, able to connect users with upwards of 20 billion data points.

We provide insight into parcel, structure, assessment, sales data and more to help you communicate value to potential buyers. By providing robust off-market data, your buyers gain deeper insight not only into a potential home but an investment decision.

On the dev side, we’ve made integration a breeze. Our straightforward API architecture and JSON-formatted data lets you focus on execution so you can deliver the user experience and personalization your users expect.

See it in action for yourself with a free trial and get up and running in just 15 minutes!


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