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$2.3M seed round of the multi-state title company EXPETITLE

The proptech startup, Expetitle, raised $2.3M in a seed round conducted by Beagle Ventures.

Other investors, including TBD Angels, LAB Ventures, and multiple family businesses, took part in the financing. In addition, angel investors such as Patrick Dwyer, Shai Goldman were also in the round.

Expetitle was established two years back by the LAB Ventures business studio.

It is a multi-state title firm with offices in Florida, Georgia, and Texas. It offers wholly digital and mixed closures via a single, secure collaboration platform that increases transparency throughout the closing stage. The company's objective is to make the closing process easier and more accessible for purchasers, sellers, and brokerages.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sean Daly, stated that the capital raised would increase sales activities and recruit new workers.


Expetitle will also use these new funds to expand the use of remote closings to more people across the nation. This operation of diversification has already commenced.

In January 2020, Expetitle completed its debut remote settlement in Florida.

Since then, the firm has been forming brokerage alliances to enlarge as it takes on the $15 billion US marketplace. According to Daly, the company is focused on expanding to ten additional states.  Expetitle has established a partnership with the national agency 1st Class Real Estate that plans to implement Expetitle's product throughout its 50 offices nationwide.

Expetitle tripled income over the previous year, saw a significant increase in closures with the multi-state brokerage firms it deals with. The firm is now set up with direct income to deal closely with brokers and homeowners.

Daly, a Miami resident who returned from his business life in NYC to launch Expetitle in 2019, stated that their technology has dramatically evolved. He continued that the firm intends to use this cash to continue doing what they're doing right now, and they'll most likely acquire a Series A within the upcoming 8 to 12 months.

Beagle's Pablo Vicua and Pedro Cabezon, who sponsored the investment, also noted their statements.

They remarked that they are pleased to work with Expetitle because of its outstanding leadership team and huge market potential. They have been thrilled with both the products and the company to date and are happy to contribute skills to assist Expetitle to reach new heights. They revealed that Expetitle would be entering the TBD portfolio. The combination of Expetitle's business model, team, and one-of-a-kind go-to-market approach prepares them for a massive opportunity in an industry ready for change.

Expetitle is one of the latest influx of startups disrupting the real estate and construction industries with software.

As per sources, the venture-backed prop-tech firms garnered $10.6 billion within June 2021, with estate management and construction software startups receiving the most financing. Last year, Expetitle added its managerial staff, including appointing Chris Mastrangelo as chief operating officer roughly six months back. The current Boston immigrant was a co-founder of several firms, notably KarmaLoop.  Expetitle currently has 16 full-time staff,  and CEO expects the company to grow to 20 - 30 individuals in the next half.