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NAR and Zillow Proxy War

National Association of Realtors

A home security firm wholly owns SentriLock. On Tuesday, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced developing a device and mobile network to assist real estate agents in scheduling home appointments.

On the other hand, real estate brokers have long despised Zillow.

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As per the real estate agents, Zillow "steals" listing material from MLS agreements, repackages it on their fancy platform, and eventually sells it back to the agents who originally owned it while charging them exorbitant promotional fees.

Since then, NAR has attempted to compete with Zillow and Trulia, the latter listed on NASDAQ: Z, by affiliated platforms such as, but much of the time, NAR and the local and state Realtor boards have had a tense relationship with Zillow. Realtors submitted listing details to Zillow and Trulia and purchased leads generated by those listings. Realtors resented the agreement, but they approved it.

Sentrinlat, a 19-year-old company based just north of Cincinnati, said the product was a venture to compete. In February, Zillow, a market leader and corporation in the area of home demonstration, announced that it had acquired $ 500 million.

Zillow's listing on the Nasdaq: Z is with a market capitalization of 33 billion dollars.

However, the emerging NAR-Zillow proxy war comes just three months after Zillow revealed it was a part of the NAR. Besides, Zillow heavily focuses on NAR-approved Multiple Listing Service feeds to showcase available properties on its popular website. This development prompted REX, a discount brokerage, to file an antitrust complaint against Zillow and NAR.

Through repackaging information from MLS syndication and other media and creating an open and consumer-friendly front end, Zillow generates leads and converts the business. Realtors who neglect their ability to generate leads do so at their peril.

Besides, Zillow has significant technical benefits over its competitors. Realtors are presently pinning their hopes in the battle on maintaining information security. With the democratization of technologies in the Information Age, regulating information is becoming more complex. Realtors have also seen the influence deteriorate in significant ways. Approaching an agent was the only way to get details on what was for sale on the market just fifteen years ago. Realtors provide value by controlling past sales history records and valuable professional training and expertise, which one can find with a quick Google search.

According to SentriLock CEO Scott Fisher, the firm has spent the last 18 months coding and designing a new task developer uniquely. According to Fisher, the framework is developed on Google Cloud and "marries access" in-between the agent appointment section and the SentriLock lockboxes.

The platform was designed with ShowTime in mind. Since acquiring the consolidated exhibition operation, ShowTime now controls the entire industry, as per Fisher.

Meanwhile, NAR, which has been convicted of antitrust violations in a half-dozen states and settled an antitrust case brought by the US Department of Justice in November, expressed an intention to compete.

NAR CEO Bob Goldberg believes that there are customer benefits with competition almost everywhere. The launch of SentriLock's service solution is a fantastic opportunity for realtors and the real estate industry in general around the United States.

SentriLock's platform will be available on all MLS platforms until the summer. Fisher characterized NAR as "very convenient" in his partnership with SentriLock, and pointed to the technical skills of subsidiaries.

An absolute win for Zillow could spell the demise of NAR's unipolar power in the market, as well as the MLS system as we know it. When Zillow cherry picks the top performing agents to partner with and McDonaldizes the real estate market, less tech-savvy or small-time agents could be left entirely behind. 

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